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For over 30 years we have been the Southeast’s premier acoustical ceiling cleaning and restoration company.

We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our ceiling cleaning products are SAFE, NON-TOXIC, NON-CAUSTIC, and BIODEGRADABLE. Our proprietary solution will keep your facilities clean and odor-free without harsh chemicals or VOCs.

Eliminating dust, grease and deep-down odors from your ceilings, walls, carpets, and upholstery not only brightens the atmosphere of your workspace, it actually reduces allergens and dander, making it easier to breathe for you and your customers.

We offer complete interior cleaning and restoration services, products and equipment including:

  • Ceiling Cleaning
  • Wall Cleaning
  • Ceiling Restoration
  • Certified Fire Retardant Treatment
  • Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning
  • Supermarket Interior Maintenance

acousta kleen – providing total interior maintenance for over 30 years


We offer complete interior maintenance services including cleaning, restoration, and fire/flame proofing.
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Ceiling & Wall Cleaning

Ceilings and walls trap odors, smoke, oils, cooking grease, films, nicotine, dust mites and many more unsanitary pollutants. These films reduce light by as much as 60%, dull the appearance of the facility and create an unhealthy environment. Deep cleaning ceilings and walls will brighten hard floors, make carpets look cleaner and give your facility a healthier, brighter look and show you care about your people and their environment. But replacing or painting these items is costly!

Our ceiling cleaning solution is a SAFE, NON-TOXIC, NON-CAUSTIC, BIODEGRADABLE product that will brighten & deodorize your old ceiling, without the high cost or hassel of painting or replacing.



  • $.80 – $4.50
  • Highest Cost
  • Dust and Debris
  • Cost of Disposal
  • Labor to Remove
  • Business Interrupted
  • Very Messy
  • Must Replace Fixtures
  • $.40 – $.80
  • High Cost
  • Leaves Odor
  • Eliminates Acoustics
  • Destroys Fire Rating
  • Business Interrupted
  • Can Stain Carpets
  • Special Paint for Fixtures

  • $.18 – $.35
  • Low Cost
  • Removes Odor
  • Improves Acoustics
  • Improves Fire Rating
  • No Business Interruption
  • No Mess
  • Cleans All Surfaces

Hospitals, schools, office buildings, restaurants, homes and many other facilities, have porous, non-porous and semi-porous surfaces to clean and maintain. The interior ceiling and wall surfaces can now be safely, economically and effectively cleaned and maintained by Acousta Kleen. Our trained personnel can safely and effectively clean:

  • Acoustic Ceilings
  • Popcorn Ceilings
  • Metal Ceilings
  • Latex Painted Walls
  • Wallpaper Surfaces
  • A/C Vents
  • Stall Dividers
  • Fireplace Facings
  • Plastic/Formica
  • FRP Paneling
  • Vinyl Ceilings
  • Textured Ceilings
  • Wood Ceilings
  • Enamel Painted Walls
  • Fabric Ceilings
  • Wall Vents
  • Interior Brick Walls
  • Tile Kitchen Walls
  • Window Blinds
  • Wood Paneling

4 beforeafter ceiling


Ceiling Restoration

We offer the industry’s most advanced restoration process for acoustical ceiling tiles. Our trained staff can safely restore away water stains and smoke & fire damage from uncleanable acoustical ceiling tiles.
The secret is our Absolute Acousta Colors. Acousta Colors is a specialty coating designed specifically for application to soiled/damaged ceilings. Unlike paint or cleaner, Acousta Colors is a scientifically formulated coating that actually restores acoustical tiles to their original beauty.

Benefits of restoring acoustic tiles:

  • Cost savings on tile replacement by 50% or more
  • Improved sound absorbing capabilities
  • Ensured Class A fire rated surface as defined by the National Fire Protection Association
  • Coated tiles will not stick to grid system, because Acousta Colors is not a paint
  • Tiles treated with Acousta Colors coating can be cleaned after application, ensuring that new tile look
  • Acousta Colors is tintable to your specific color need


Certified Flame Retardant

We offer certified, on-site flame retardant treatment of most synthetic and blended textiles as well as natural fibers, including leather. It can be used to treat wood and other fibrous materials, allowing them to meet the rigid flame resistance specifications of building codes. It enables properly treated materials to meet the non-ignition, non-burning and zero afterflow requirements of most international standards. The secret is our Flame Stop solution. Flame Stop is a colorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-irritating aqueous liquid which has no effect on the color and characteristics of most treated materials. After drying, it is resistant to normal “wear and tear” or dry cleaning with non-aqueous cleaning materials.

Our Flame Retardant Service includes a Certificate stating that the treatment meets or exceeds the following specifications:

  • NFPA 701
  • UL 214
  • California Fire Code Title 19 Paragraph 1237.1
  • New York City Fire Code 1940 Paragraph
  • UFAC Fabric Class (Cigarette Test)
  • FMVSS 302 Horizontal Fabric Flammability
  • DOC FF 1-70/2-70 (Pill Test)
  • ASTM E84-81A (Steiner Tunnel Test)
  • FAR 25.853 (B-3) Horizontal Flammability for Aircraft Fabrics
  • FAR 25.853 (b) Vertical Flammability for Aircraft Pass. Compartment Fabrics
  • FAR 25.853 Appendix F Part II ( Oil Burner Test ) Seat Cushion Flammability


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

We offer complete carpet and upholstery cleaning services. With the combination of the most advanced commercial cleaning machines and our highly trained work force, Acousta Kleen has developed a reputation for delivering the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Our carpet & upholstery cleaning offerings include:

  • Gum removal
  • Rust stain removal
  • Paint, oil, and grease removal
  • Kool-aid stain removal
  • Deodorizing
  • Upholstery & drape cleaning


Restaurant & Supermarket Maintenance

We offer complete restaurant and supermarket maintenance, focusing on ceilings and walls. In high volume cooking areas grease and dust collect on most surfaces, creating an unhealthy and unsafe environment for food preparation. Our trained team safely and effectively cleans away this dirt and grime with our specially designed non-toxic , biodegradable solution.

Our complete maintenance service offerings includes:

  • Vinyl and FRP ceiling tile and grid cleaning
  • High Area Dust and Cobweb Removal
  • Department and Retail Sales Area Ceiling and A/C Vent Cleaning
  • Department and Retail Sales Wall Cleaning



Our specially formulated maintenance products available directly to you.

Starter PackageBegin your own new ceiling cleaning business with very little expense, and the return on this package will pay for itself plus give you extra to purchase more product for your next jobs.3500

The package includes:

  • One Portable Electric Sprayer with 25 feet of spraying hose
  • 3-1/2 foot stainless steel wand with single tip assembly
  • Two 8 foot extension poles
  • Two sponge holding clamps
  • Two chemical sponges
  • Six Ceiling Sponges
  • 13 cases of the Absolute Solution
  • Training Video
  • One-Day Training School (Held in Florida)

$2145.00 plus shipping and handling

Absolute Ceiling & Wall CleanerAbsolute Ceiling and Wall Solution is a safe non-toxic, non-caustic, biodegradable ceiling cleaning solution. The solution safely cleans the discoloration on ceilings and walls caused by layers of soil pollutants bonded to the surface by amino and fatty acids.ceiling

There is a minimum order of 2 cases of ceiling cleaning solutions (eight complete units). Shipping and handling are additional and is done via UPS, unless otherwise specified. We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover) for the initial order, and would be glad to initiate an open account for any subsequent orders.

The ceiling cleaning solution is packed in cases of 4 complete units, available at the prices below —

1-10 cases – $80/case

11-20 cases – $70/case

21+ cases – $60/case

Flame Stop Fire RetardantFlame Stop 1 and Flame Stop 1-DS are colorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-irritating, aqueous solutions used to perform flame retardant treatment on most synthetic and blended textiles, as well as natural fibers, including leather. They are also suitable for treating wood and other fibrous materials, and have no effect on the color or characteristics of treated materials. After drying, Flame Stop 1 is resistant to normal “wear and tear” or dry cleaning with non-aqueous cleaning material; and Flame Stop 1-DS treated materials can be used in exterior applications as well.The cost for Flame Stop 1 is $60.00/gallon and $65.00/gallon for Flame Stop 1-DS, with a minimum order of 2 gallons, plus shipping and handling. We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover) for the initial order, and would be glad to initiate an open account for any subsequent orders.

Absolute Acousta ColorsAcousta Colors is classified as a specialty coating designed specifically for application to soiled/damaged ceilings. When it is applied in accordance with recommended procedures, results are as follows:

  • One-Coat Application 100-200 Square feet per gallon coverage
  • Improves acoustical qualities of tile
  • No sticking of tiles to grid systems
  • Non-yellowing surface color
  • No warping or other physical damage to tiles
  • Grids and t-bars coated simultaneously

The price is $101.25/container (5 gallons). Shipping and handling are additional and is done via UPS, unless otherwise specified. We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover) for the initial order, and would be glad to initiate an open account for any subsequent orders.


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