Acousta Kleen Ceiling Cleaning and Interior Maintenance

Acousta Kleen provides ceiling cleaning and restoration services to a number of diverse markets including restaurants, hotels, business offices, and supermarkets. Our comprehensive suite of interior maintenance services includes ceiling and wall cleaning, high dusting, carpet cleaning and much more. Depending on your type of business we can craft a custom solution for your individual needs.

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Given the high volume of cooking in restaurant kitchens, stains and odors are an inevitability. No matter how hard you try to keep up with cleaning, over-the-counter cleaning products just don’t cut it when it comes to caked on grease and soil. Our safe and effective ENZYME based ceiling cleaning solution dissolves protein based stains (which come from cooking oils and food particles in the air) and allow us to return your ceilings, walls, and floors to their original pristine state. In just a few hours our team can make your kitchen look and smell like brand new. Contact us today for a free demonstration and estimate.


From busy commissary-style kitchens to carpets and runners covering all common areas, we can clean it all. We specialize in high traffic areas and our products can clean and sanitize almost any material. We have worked with many large hotels in the Central Florida area, coming in at off-peak hours to clean kitchens, carpets, walls, etc. Our proven method for ceiling cleaning provides a safe and healthy environment for your kitchen staff that is sure to wow when executives or inspectors pop in for unannounced visits! We will work around your staff and customers to deliver seamless maintenance services that provide minimal disruptions. Contact us today for a free demonstration and estimate.


Acoustical tiles in office buildings accumulate dust, debris and odors – and every time you enter a building you are inhaling years of this. It can affect your breathing, exacerbate allergies, and make you or your customers feel generally sick. When we clean these types of porous ceilings we dry dust them first to remove any loose debris and then apply our safe and effective ceiling cleaning solution to quickly clean and deodorize your ceilings. In a matter of hours not only will your ceiling look fresh and white again, but any odors trapped in those tiles will be released, leaving you with a fresh smelling work-space. Contact us today for a free demonstration and estimate.


Acousta Kleen has been the premiere ceiling cleaning and restoration provider for supermarkets in Florida for over 30 years. We have worked with all the major supermarkets in the region, providing them with superior maintenance solutions at an affordable price. We can clean and sanitize all sections of supermarkets, from the main dry and frozen foods section to high volume cooking areas, such as delis and bakeries. It doesn’t matter if your store closes at 9 p.m. or is open 24 hours – our team works closely with store management so we can complete our maintenance services with little to no disruption of store operation. Contact us today for a free demonstration and estimate.